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ATIV-Service and its network have many years of experience in the healthcare market, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical device trade.


Medicines and medical devices


Good Distribution Practice (GDP)


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Medicines and medical devices 

We support companies in the marketing and procurement of medicinal products for clinical trials and specifically address the requirements of the pharmaceutical trade in accordance with AMG and AM-HandelsV. Our broad network enables us to provide targeted brokerage. Our innovative solutions offer special treatments for special circumstances such as overcapacity, goods with a short remaining shelf life or articles that are subject to changes in the instructions for use or specialist information in order to effectively protect your company.

ATIV - Assured Trust in Verification

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Good Distribution Practice (GDP)  

ATIV specializes in supply chain verification, ensuring the highest product quality and patient safety through best practices in pharmaceutical distribution and GDP compliance. Our efficient certification process includes audits, pre-checks and certification in collaboration with our clients.
With ATIV supply chain verification, we create transparency, efficiency and comprehensive safety. We provide seamless proof of origin, check compliance with national legal requirements and EU directives and support counterfeit protection.
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ATIV – Service
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Safety and Quality

EudraCT and NCT number

In the field of clinical research, two identification numbers play a central role: the EudraCT number and the NCT number.                                                  

Procurement of comparative products

Comparator products are essential in clinical drug research for assessing the efficacy and safety of new drugs.                                                     


Certificates of Analysis (CoA), Certificates of Origin (CoO) and Certificates of Conformity (CoC) play an important role in ensuring the quality, origin and conformity of products.                                               

Parallel import

Parallel imports play a central role in ensuring access to affordable medicines and promoting competition in the pharmaceutical market.                           



ATIV – Assured Trust in Verification

As a pharmaceutical intermediary registered in accordance with §52c in conjunction with §67 and §67a of the German Medicines Act (AMG), ATIV positions itself at the interface between pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmaceutical wholesalers. We offer tried and tested concepts, sound strategies and product and topic-related advice. We deal with logistical and pharmaceutical law issues, including the regulation and trade of medicinal products and medical devices, GDP regulations as well as prescription and pharmacy requirements. With experience and constantly updated know-how from our established network in the pharmaceutical market, we develop tailor-made, transparent and innovative approaches with a lasting effect for your specific projects.


Dr. Hossein Askari holds a degree in natural sciences from the University of Cologne and a doctorate in entrepreneurship. As founder and managing director of ATIV-Service GmbH, he contributes to the continuous development of the company. As a lecturer at the renowned Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, he contributes his broad knowledge and expertise in the fields of digital management and business development.

ATIV - Assured Trust in Verification