Brokerage of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other health products

Pharmaceutical brokers act as an intermediary between the purchase and sale of medicines, without taking possession of the medicines themselves or acting on their own behalf.

In order to work as a medicine broker, certain requirements must be met. These include a licence from the competent supervisory authority and certain qualifications, such as a completed pharmaceutical training or comparable skills, as well as proof of compliance with professional obligations. The tasks and regulations of pharmaceutical intermediaries are set out in Section 52c of the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG) and in the German Ordinance on the Trade in Medicinal Products (AM-HandelsV).

How can ATIV-Service support your business?

ATIV-Service provides you with the right contacts to meet your individual needs for the targeted marketing of your pharmaceuticals. We also offer innovative solutions to optimise your company’s security. In special situations, such as overcapacity, medicines with a short remaining shelf life or medicines that require changes to the instructions for use/specialised information, we provide you with expert support.

We can also assist you with the procurement of medicines for clinical trials. We can secure medicinal products from a single batch and provide you with all relevant documentation, such as the Certificate of Analysis (CoA). The reliable supply of reference drugs for clinical trials is our top priority, always in compliance with national laws and EU directives.

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